Middle Man - API facilitator

What is Middle Man

Middle Man (MiM) is an interface to create and design API. The first goal is to facilitate the HTTP access of exposed resources (such databases, emails, api) and to offer possibilities to manipulate the data.

You can use MiM in two different ways:

  • As a SaaS: Create, design and test your API online. You will be also able to put them in production or to remove them from production.
  • On premise: MiM is a web server which can also query exposed resources (databases, email server, ...). You will be able to create your API and to host your web pages.

In both cases you can ask for web pages, don't hesitate to share your project.

Create a MiM in 3 steps

1 Definition

The first step is to define the target of the MiM (protocol, host, authentication).

2 Authorization

The second step is to configure how you will be able to access the MiM.

3 Transformation

The third and last step will allow to transform the response.


Yes we got one, at least we've started one, please, be gentle with our still improving documentation.

Try it out

MiM is totally free the 30 first days. Don't hesitate to try it.